No Posters. . . and We Mean It!


“No Bill Posters Or We Will Prosecute And We Mean It”we_mean_it.jpg No. Really. We Mean It. Yeah, well you see how effective that was with self-styled anarchists.

It feels a little silly to describe the protestors as anarchists. The term makes me think of the dodgy characters of The Man Who Was Thursday: A Nightmare. But the protestors who wreaked such havoc here yesterday do, in fact, label themselves “anarchists.” Read all about the riots from John and Josh’s reports.

Lots of Anti-Bush T-shirts, too

This afternoon, John, Steve Beard and I set out to assess the aftermath of last night’s riots. (Well, and maybe see a little of Edinburgh along the way. . .)


I haven’t yet introduced you to Steve Beard of Steve’s a movie/music critic who covers the culture writ large, as well as the editor of Good News magazine. And a great guy.

Frankly, as I mentioned yesterday, we expected to see more random disturbances today. But the only sign of protest was the still-heightened police presence, and the anti-authority posters plastered all over town.


Hundreds of individually signed protest postcards



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