Europe's New Religion


The ironies abound.

We’re starting the day this morning at the Roxy Art House, a beautiful late Scots Gothic building built in 1912. . . that used to be the Lady of Glenorchy’s Church. Today, at the front of the large hall, two stained glass windows depicting the life of Christ still hang. But the interior space is now used as the Angels Cafe where you can order an espresso or capuccino. Or from the bar in the back, you can get a pint, or hard liquor, for just under three pounds.

tuesday 002.jpg
The Altar

Here is today’s altar, where we worship at the church of ONE. The congregation is assembled — the activists from the ONE campaign that we travelled with on the plane — are here for a presentation by Richard Curtis, Hollywood director of Notting Hill fame, to show us PSA’s developed for the ONE campaign.

Last night we had the Great Opportunity to attend a showing of Curtis’ latest film . . .something “wonderful” involving “love at the G8.” I kid you not. Sorry. Can’t tell you too much about it; I passed on that one. (Of course, there is Another Opportunity to see it tonight!)

The Congregation

And here is the congregation, worshipping in Lady Willielma Maxwell’s church. She was a woman born in the late 18th century, who became a widow at the age of thirty in 1771. After becoming impressed with the evangelist John Wesley, “she became convinced that social reform was only possible through ‘methodical’ attention to the intellectual, physical and moral welfare of the dispossessed.” She then began using the vast fortune her husband left her to establish a church to minister to the poor. She died when she was only 44. However, by 1912, her church was “the busiest church in Edinburgh, humming like a beehive.”

Now, we have Live8. . .


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  1. basil's blog says:

    Lunch: 7/5/2005

    Try one of these specials with your lunch: Assumption of Command is seeking responses to Benny. Eyes On The Ball News finds the new tower to be 30% more… Feisty Republican Whore has something for Al Sharpton. No, not that.

  2. Kristof, No Friend of Bush

    “Bush, a Friend of Africa” starts off well enough, but then Nicholas Kristof, after taking a swipe at Bill Clinton (Bill who?) demands that George Bush do precisely the opposite than that for which he has just earned Kristof’s lavish praise.

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