Murdering a Suicide Bomber?



Read Michael Ledeen today on NRO — he questions whether the London bombings were really suicide attacks . . . and presents compelling evidence that the bombers themselves were actually murdered. Ledeen believes they were duped into believing that they were just couriers, and that the bombs were then exploded by remote control.

I know it’s a bit hard to work up sympathy for these men who murdered so many innocent people. But it does go to the utter inhumanity of the terrorist planners.

There is a reason for the development of Just War theory. Sometimes one does have to fight. But when a nation must fight for a just cause, one requirement is giving the men asked to lay down their lives every possible opportunity to survive. . .

Murdering your own in cold blood? Very good clue something is amiss.

This excursion into stating the obvious, was given in honor of Julianne “we are terrorists” Malveaux and Annie “martial law” Lammott. . .


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  1. Tom McMahon says:

    Were The London Bombers Duped And Killed?

    An excerpt from a fascinating article by Michael Ledeen:JJA: What happened? What happened was what happens every day in Iraq. You recruit young men and tell them you want them to carry out a terrorist op. Not a suicide mission,

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