Planned Parenthood Makes a Movie for Your Child


As abortion supporters focus on state level politics, Planned Parenthood has a message for your child: “Safe is Sexy.”


Abortion clinic protesters about to be destroyed by the Planned Parenthood’s Superwomyn.

The video clip mocks abstinence, faith and Falwell. The Superwomyn character is named “Dianisis.” (ed note: interesting pseudo-highbrow allusion to Nietzsche and the Greek god of wine and fertility, often associated with debauchery.)

After eliminating the green-faced pro-life protesters with a condom blob-gun and drowning an abstinence speaker, Dianisis flies to Washington, D.C. and — puts a condom on the Washington Monument. Super Hero for Choice.

Cute. has overview.

So where does money to fund anti-Christian movies come from? Some comes out of your pocket. The American Life League tells us:

. . .the Planned Parenthood empire has been built and sustained in large part by money from the U.S. taxpayers. Planned Parenthood’s own annual reports indicate that it received $2.2 billion of taxpayer money between 1987 and 2001. Thirty percent ($202.7 million) of Planned Parenthood’s income ($672.6 million) in its 2000/01 fiscal year came from government grants or contracts. Incredibly, PPFA made $454 million of profit from 1987 to 2001!

Keep in mind: money is fungible.


Dawn Eden has more at Planned Parenthood Fantasizes with detailed graphics and pie charts.

ProLifeBlogs has more links at Animated Video Glorifies Violence.

JollyBlogger has analysis of Cinematic Portrayals of Evil.

Ace of Spades HQ has insight at We’ll Kill You,

Planned Parenthood Golden Gate cartoon shows pro-choice superhero killing abstinence supporters and abortion-clinic protestors.

Yes, it’s only a cartoon. But ideas have consequences. When exactly did it become acceptable for supposedly mainstream organizations to suggest political violence, even in a “kidding” manner?

Sister Toldjah has more angles at Condoms and Sex.

The Anchoress has a steady arguement at Let’s Drown Pro-Lifers.


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8 Responses

  1. askrom says:

    That video sure is dumb. I agree with the politics behind it 100%, but the tone of it alternates between mean-spiritedness and stupidity. The heroine is a dead ringer for the Planned Parenthood Golden Gate office director, which says that it’s a vanity project to boot.

    It’s embarassing, but ultimately I think that I, and many other liberals, can shrug it off as the hamfisted work of our weirder San Francisco wing — just as your side shrugs off the Nazi flag-waving “minutemen”, Falwell saying that the USA deserved, to be attacked on 9/11, Robertson saying the anti-Christ is a Jew living in Israel today, etc.

  2. Eric Jaffa says:

    The A.L.L. wepage you-linked-to refers to “abortifacients such as the pill, the IUD, Norplant, Depo-Provera, and emergency contraception.”

    Do you consider using each of these a form of abortion?

  3. Becca says:

    this is astonishingly revealing of Planned Parenthood organizational ethics, values and beliefs … sooner or later the heart of every organization is “outed” … almost accidentally. I am glad PP released this – it is so extraordinarily awful … they have over-tipped their hand and it plays right into ours.

  4. Let’s drown/blow up Pro-lifers!

    Or…something. That does seem to be the message the Golden Gate Planned Parenthood is putting forth in their cartoon/superhero video.

    Is this stuff done with public monies, does anyone know? I’d be curious to know if public funds are be…

  5. It’s a Bird….It’s a Plane….No…It’s…

    Dianisis with her handy dandy condom gun, defender of teens having sex and destructor of that evil villan…abstinence.

  6. Wyck says:

    “Dianisis” also recalls Diana, goddess of the hunt and a virgin. My guess is that Planned Parenthood did not intend the allusion.

  7. charmaine says:

    great catch, Wyck

  8. shari says:

    What is your proof that the Minuteman project is a “nazi” organization. Its not. They are old people sitting in lawn chairs. They are also humanitarians.They fed and rescued many illegal aliens coming through the border. These people aer not arrestin ganyone. I have never heard Pat

    robertson say the anti christ is a jew living in israel. Falwell didnt say we deserved it. He made a statement about the moral decay of this nation.