An Ironic Juxtaposition of Headlines


Maine Middle School to Offer the Pill

Kansas Planned Parenthood Clinic Charged

Phill Kline is a hero for going after Planned Parenthood. At much personal cost.

Johnson County District Attorney Phill Kline charged the Overland Park, Kan., clinic with 107 counts, 23 of them felonies. Besides 29 misdemeanor counts of providing unlawful late-term abortions, the clinic is charged with multiple counts of making a false writing, failure to maintain records and failure to determine viability.


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1 Response

  1. Phill Kline? That incompetant power-abuser? The one with a history of bringing charges against abortion providers which are then thrown out in court? No wonder he filed so many charges: He knows that if he makes enough up, some of the might stick through sheer luck. Note that the current state AG has been through them all already and found no wrongdoing… yet Kline goes ahead anyway.

    Until and unless those charges actually result in convictions, I am inclined to believe Kline is just (once again) using his public office to further his personal pro-life agenda by harassing PP.

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