Protests to Hit Justice Sunday 3


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Justice Sunday III is coming to Philadelphia on January 8th, the night before the Alito hearings are scheduled to begin on the 9th.

And Planned Parenthood will be there, too.

Here’s the email they’ve sent out to their Pennsylvania affiliates:

On Sunday, January 8th, a coalition of right-wing activists will gather in Philadelphia for the third in a series of “Justice Sunday” events sponsored by organizations and individuals such as Focus on the Family, the Family Research Council and Jerry Falwell himself. The event is timed to coincide with the start Judiciary Committee hearings for Samuel Alito and to exert influence over the actions of Senator Arlen Specter in that process.

For those who are not familiar with Justice Sunday, the events have become a permanent fixture of the religious right’s effort to inject religion into the debate over the selection and confirmation of federal judges. Broadcast through Christian radio and television, Justice Sunday III: “Proclaim Liberty Throughout the Land” urges Christian Americans to support conservative judicial nominees through activism and prayer.

Planned Parenthood affiliates and a statewide judicial coalition are in the planning stages for Philadelphia activities preceding Justice Sunday III. Justice Sunday III starts at 7:00pm, and our event will take place in the afternoon beforehand. Please mark your calendars for Sunday, January 8th and we’ll keep you posted as our plans solidify!!

And here’s another email alert from Liberal Oasis:

If there isn’t already a splashy Stop Alito grassroots action being planned, in advance of the hearings, I would suggest slapping one together is worth doing. Granted, events often can be not worth the time and effort that goes into them, but we can’t let Justice Sunday give the impression that Alito has grassroots momentum going into the hearins.

Should be interesting. I’ll be blogging Justice Sunday again, here — and also on a new FRC blog that will debut in the New Year. Blogger’s Row for Justice Sunday 3 includes Captain Ed of Captain’s Quarters, La Shawn Barber, Stacy Harp of Mind and Media and Rightwingsparkle, of the Cotillion. So stay tuned.

SPECIAL NOTE TO BLOGGERS NEAR PHILADELPHIA: If you are interested in attending Justice Sunday and would like press credentials as a blogger to join Blogger Row, CONTACT ME.


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  1. Mike says:

    I wish I could be there on the 3rd but can’t. I took the liberty of swiping the logo and sticking it in my sidebar, and made it a clickable link to Justice Sunday’s main page.

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