Caravan to Crawford!



How I wish I could load up the Penta-Posse and join this group next week! Led by Deborah Johns of Marine Moms, Move America Forward is organizing a caravan to Crawford to support the President, the war, and our troops:

Main caravan leaves from San Francisco, California on Monday, August 22nd. Other caravans will depart from around the country. If you want to be part of a caravan, email us with your name and location you will depart from and we will include in our caravan coverage so people in your area can depart with you.

Everyone arrives in Crawford, Texas for a giant “We Support Our Troops AND Their Mission” Rally on Saturday, August 27, 2005.

First seen on Lucianne.


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8 Responses

  1. Pat Patterson says:

    Seeing badly dressed, lumpy and heat crazed ladies yelling and waving placards or flags doesn’t seem that interesting. Now perhaps if there was a pool of gelatin.

  2. Eric Jaffa says:

    The concept is that while some Americans would like to know when we’re leaving Iraq, and what would constitute victory, you don’t?

    You think Bush is doing a great job of managing the war?

    People in Iraq had clean water and electricity before the war. Now they don’t.

    Dirty water and depleted uranium affects both the born and the unborn.

    There are women in Iraq

  3. Pat Patterson says:

    So now Saddam Hussein has been elevated to the pantheon of Benito Mussolini(the trains were on time), Hitler(full employment) and Stalin(he solved the starvation problems in The Ukraine), we should leave Iraq because we spoiled a Baathist utopia. If being against everything America does in the world is your position then say so. It’s tiresome listening to diatribes that imply that it’s only this war that is so horrible. America, like practically every other country or nation, is a country made by war. I doubt very seriously that this will change either sooner or later.

  4. Wyck says:

    Eric, I know how you feel, but I ask you to take a deep beath, step back a moment and reconsider your position. Also, ask yourself, if there were no politics, what would I be doing right now?


  5. shari says:

    I dont think taht anyone is saying the Iraq war is good. Bush is a good president or that he is handling it well. What they are saying is that she does not speak for every mother or father or a us soldier who has died in the conflict. She says we are fighting a nuclear war and that bush is the biggest terrorist. Also making statemnts about Jews being behind 911 and Iraq. What we are saying is we dont agree with her statements and the fact that she is usign her dead so th further her political agenda. Her son voluntered to go into war. He also vo lunteered to goi nto a combat zone to resuce his fellow solders. So she does not speak for him. he spoke throguh his volunteering.

  6. Yummy Links

    I love this one from phin’s blog.Oh Spoons, you won’t be the last solo blogger anytime soon. And don’t be alarmed about the price of gas yet. Wait till it’s $4 and then get upset. And I’ll get upset along…

  7. Laura Traynham says:

    You don’t speak for ME, Charmaine!

    Bush is transforming the country to look like a South American banana republic. HOW?

    * half a trillion annual deficits as far as the eye can see… (before Katrina)

    * squandering the Social Security surplus now to offset some of his annual half trillion deficits


    * lying about Iraq being a threat when our intelligence had serious concerns Saddam had WMD/was a threat!

    * appointing government agencies heads who are pro business lobbyists and cronies with the aim of gutting laws to protect the public from pollution, etc from large multicorporations.

    * making the US appear as an enemy instead of a leader for peace and science/rationality before the rest of the world.

    Shame on you and your minions who help Dubya make the world a far WORSE place for future generations!!!

  8. charmaine says:

    I have minions??!! Cool!

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