Flight 93 Memorial: Does it Point to Mecca?



Should the new memorial to September 11th’s Flight 93 be renamed the “Mecca Memorial?” Ace has the whole story.

I’m getting geared up for the Roberts confirmation hearings next week and so I hadn’t paid much attention to this controversy over the memorial. But this caught my attention: Sarah Wells says — and developed the graphic to prove it — that the “Crescent of Embrace” points to Mecca.

My first thought: Surely not.

But this has got me shaking my head. What do you think?

I agree with Ace: Let’s have a memorial done with trees that “coincidentally” shapes a cross.


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4 Responses

  1. Ymarsakar says:

    The terroists win and fight battles

    by being sneaky. They love surprises

    and sneaking an attack past our defenses.

    This propaganda “artwork” is just one of

    several subtle things designed to

    use us as the weapons of our own

    destruction. In this case, memorials.

    Designed to remind us of who the enemy is

    ends up reminding future generations

    to respect Islam and its symbols. Nice.

  2. Downtown Lad says:

    How looney are you? Maybe you should look up the definition of midpoint, becaues that is certainly not it.

    I could put up a powerpoint presentation that would make it look like it’s pointing to Mars as well.

    You sure are gullible. And paranoid.

  3. The Drill SGT says:

    I’m a traditionalist.

    1. A war memorial ought to look like a war memorial, not a new age temple.

    2. Nothing wrong with the classic monument found in village squares throughout Europe and New England (Civil War Dead). Simple Granite monolith. engraved with the date, description, names of the honored dead and “Let’s Roll!!”. Since it’s Pennsylvania and they have the liberty bell. add a bell, maybe modeled on the old fire house alarm bell. Each year, read the names and toll the bell 40 times.

    simple and classic can be good.

    no need for zillions of Heinz dollars and a big contest.

  4. charmaine says:

    The Drill Sgt is right on.

    DL: c’mon let’s see it. Put up the Powerpoint presentation.

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