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My husband got tired of bugging me to write “the WalMart post.” Finally, when I said: “you know, you really ought to start a business blog and write it yourself. . .”

He did.

And now I love the WalMart post, and wish I had written it! I’ve always wondered about the left-wing vendetta against WalMart, and Jack explores why the Left hates the mega-store so much.


Mary Landrieu

Although my favorite post of his from this week is one on Tears and Leadership. I know as a woman I am supposed to think that tears are okay — that Pat Whats-her-name got a bum deal for crying in public — but I think Jack makes a very strong case for No Tears among leaders.

He cites Mary Landrieu’s teary tour of New Orleans as a case in point. And, honestly, can you imagine Margaret Thatcher crying in a situation like that? When we finally do have a female president, it will be a woman who successfully navigates these treacherous shoals of handling personal emotions publically.

kanye west.jpg

Kanye West

New Pepsi Spokesman

And lastly, for those of you who followed the Indra Nooyi story here at Reasoned Audacity, Jack examines the wisdom, or not, of Pepsi’s marketing decision to hire Kanye West as their new spokesperson. . .


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