CONTEST: Salary Comparisons


We’re having a contest: How much do these heads of two prominent charities make in annual salaries?


Todd Bassett

National Commander

Salvation Army

We’ve got the honor system in play here — no fair looking up the answer before you play! Leave a comment with your best estimate of how much money Commander Bassett and Ms. Evans make each year.


Marsha Evans

President and CEO

The Red Cross

The answers — with the salaries of the leaders of the United Way, Goodwill and Catholic Charities as well — are over at Jack’s blog.

The winner is the one who comes the closest to getting both right. And what’s the prize for our winner?? One of Jollyblogger’s “I Think, Therefore I Blog” T-shirts!


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17 Responses

  1. CONTEST: Salary Comparisons

    CONTEST: Salary Comparisons

  2. Tom McMahon says:

    Salvation Army: $75,000

    Red Cross: $250,000

  3. Toni says:

    SA – $85k

    RC – $375k

  4. Janette says:

    SA – $13,000 + housing

    RC – $450,000 + a smack to the back of the head from me if I ever have the pleasure of meeting her.

    The salaries are only part of the reason that I support the Salvation Army and have massive disdain for the Red Cross.

    Still, I suggest everyone find a local church that they trust and donate through them. They’re usually much more flexible, without the beuracracy and red tape, have local contacts and built in infrastructure in disaster areas and are able to respond more quickly to immediate needs.

  5. Deborah Lewis says:

    OUCH! I had guessed $45,000 for the Sallie

    (it’s $—K) and $150K for the Red Cross

    (she gets $—K) What a travesty! No wonder

    the Red Cross is so out of touch with normal

    people. Relief efforts in our town found the

    Red Cross impossible to deal with. They ended up

    working with UMCOR (the United Methodist Committee

    on Relief) who seemed to have their act together

    and be able to give appropriate instruction

    and to be getting the supplies to the people

    who needed them.

  6. Jack Yoest says:

    Anti-Capitalists vs. “Poor Jack Yoest”

    Ten reasons economic anarchists have not taken kindly to your Gentle Business Blogger: Elephane Eggs referred by Loaded Mouth 1) I spent $96.95 to fill my gas tank and didn’t blame President George Bush. 2) I put the gas in…

  7. Let’s see…probably more than my hubby a LTC in the Army – upward of $75,000. Ia m going to say $250,000 for Red Cross and $150,000 for Salvation but I am sure I am low.

  8. wordsmith says:

    Toni’s figures sound correct, so I’m with her. Michael Medved had given the figures on-air last week.

  9. Pat Patterson says:

    Salvation Army=0

    Red Cross=350K

    My Granddad came home from WWI with about $2.00 in his pocket and a train ticket from New York to St. Louis. He, and some of the other returning soldiers, wanted to get coffee and donuts before the long ride home. The Red Cross charged a dime the Salvation Army didn’t charge anything. Needless to say he walked the extra 2 blocks for the free donuts and coffee. Good story and still affects how may family donates money.

  10. charmaine says:

    Wow Pat, that’s a great story!

    Greta: I just have to say that I think the pay of our servicemen should be a standard of some sort.

  11. Outtakes

    JustAnotherGodBlog? — Hosting a national radio show, teaching at a law school, writing columns for The Weekly Standard and World magazine, giving speeches, writing books, and hosting one of the most popular blogs on the planet is obviously not enough…

  12. My guesses:

    $90,000 salary for Commander Bassett, and $360,000 for President Evans.

  13. Brad Mills says:

    SA = $95,000

    Red Cross = $300,000

    Now to see how I did…

  14. Jack Yoest says:

    Contest Closing

    Salvation Army Charmaine at Reasoned Audacity will be announcing the winners in her Guess the Compensation Contest tonight. Leave a comment on your guess at her post. The T-shirt Prize I will assume that some might be tempted to…

  15. M. says:

    Now it might also be pointed out that the Salvation Army Salary has usually been for “the couple” when it comes to married army people, not just for the individual. Both the husband and wife officers tend to work as a team when appointed. I do not know speciffically about the Commander’s postion however.

    as far as the contest, I cannot participate because I looked at the answers already.

  16. I Think, Therefore I Blog

    Yesterday evening I received this really cool t-shirt from Charmaine at Reasoned Audacity. I won mine in a contest that Charmaine held in September. You can get your’s at Jollyblogger….

  17. Jack Yoest says:

    Red Cross CEO Quits

    American Red Cross Marsha Evans stepped down as President and CEO of the Red Cross. Marsha Evans There was some reported unhappiness with the Red Cross response during Katrina. Your Business Blogger was unhappy with her $651,957 compensation. I’m…