Honore in Charge: Don't Get Stuck on Stupid



Prediction: With General Honore in charge of preparations for Hurricane Rita, you’ll see a different scenario.

Now making its way ’round the web is the new cathchphrase: “Don’t Get Stuck on Stupid.” Here’s Honore at a press conference yesterday:

Let’s not get stuck on the last storm. You’re asking last storm questions for people who are concerned about the future storm. Don’t get stuck on stupid, reporters. We are moving forward. And don’t confuse the people please.

Radioblogger has the full transcript and an audio clip. Via Will Collier at Vodkapundit (great comments).

And Political Teen has the MUST SEE video. Via Memeorandum with a great roundup.

UPDATE: Welcome Political Teen readers — interested in the question of leadership? Take a minute to participate in a contest here at Reasoned Audacity comparing the salaries of the heads of the Salvation Army and the Red Cross.


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8 Responses

  1. The Drill SGT says:

    As I understand it, but haven’t been able to find the Nagin video: Nagin was having a press conference and the MSM pack of reporters started in on him like a pack of hyenas. Being black, blunt and a Louisianan, Honore could step in and beat them off with a stick. Look at the video again and focus on the CG Admiral in the back row. He clearly wishes that he could do what Honore did, but is too correct and polite. See that smile? 🙂

  2. 21st Century Patton

    General Honore is my new hero. How in the hell did a guy with a penchant to speak that…

  3. charmaine says:

    I watched it again (I’m going to wear out the loop!) and you’re right; the guy in the back is great!

    The Nagin-Honore comparison is sad, even tragic. But it’s good for the country to have Honore — a black 3-star general — as a counterpoint to Nagin’s incompetence.

    Wouldn’t you love to hear Honore comment on Jackson, Sharpton, West, Farrakhan — the race-baiters.

  4. I love General Honore! (AM UPDATE)

    General Honore apparently has had enough of reporters asking ?stupid? questions. Check out some snippets from this transcript – you?ll find audio there as well (emphasis added by me):

  5. His name escapes me, but the CG Admiral replaced Mike Brown as the FEMA guy in charge.

    Honore comes from a line of no nonense guys. I served under his father COL (later Gen) Honore in 75. His son, now LTG Honore, was off at school then. Though I don’t know either personally, I expect that from their backgrounds, neither had any tolerance for race baiters and whiners.

    Father was an armor officers from the Patton school of leadership. Good, blunt and a bit over the top occasionally, but good with troops and in a fight.

    Son comes well prepared for this fight on home ground. Before his current job, he was Commander, Standing Joint Force Headquarters – Homeland Security, U.S. Northern Command.


  6. Waco Kid says:

    Ya know, it’s no fun when you’re Stuck with Stupids. http://penguinproletariat.com/archives/408

  7. Sortapundit says:

    Don’t Get Stuck On… Ah, F*ck It

    Is it just me or does anyone else get the feeling that ‘Stuck on stupid’ is gonna be the next gratingly annoying, overused and hackneyed phrase that’ll be turning up on every blog you read for the next six months like a moist cat turd under your duvet?…

  8. Jack Yoest says:

    Leadership and Honore: A Reverse Fisking of “Stuck on Stupid”

    Lieutenant General Russel Honore gave a press conference today that will be long remembered and will become a part of media relations folklore. Your Business Blogger has been on both sides of the microphone at a few press conferences. Permit…

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