Female Blogger Delivers…


fireworks.jpg…More than babies.

Now she also delivers Content and the next Contest.

Charmaine at Reasoned Audacity crossed 100,000 visits at 8:11:29 last nite with a reader in Fairfax, Virginia. If that’s you, email and she’ll send you your “I Think, Therefore I Blog” t-shirt.


credit: JollyBlogger

Here’s the next Reasoned Audacity Contest. At the bottom of Charmaine’s main page is the Penta Posse a-top an “armored” USA tracked vehicle. It was an outstanding replacement for horses — except horses could swim better.

What is it?

Prizes will be awarded on correct answer and wit next week. Identification might be a challenge even for MilBloggers. Snark counts too.

Thank you for reading Reasoned Audacity!

(Yes, I married way over my head.)



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1 Response

  1. want the answer now or later?

    Do I get a bonus if I can tell you which track they are sitting on and where it is?

    BTW: the overexposure on that shot is gonna make it tough for most folks