GodBlogCon Photo Retrospective


The Hurricanes are two games away from winning the Pop Warner Maryland state football championship.

So it was the redeye from LAX to DCA for the Dreamer and me last night!

Practically the minute the wheels touched the tarmac at Reagan National, my phone rang.

“Hi, Mom!” It was the Dude, making sure I had made it in time for The Big Game. “It’s 10:30 exactly, are you here?”

You betcha.

But before we completely shift gears, here are some photo highlights of the GodBlogCon.


David Wayne and Joe Carter

Before their Plenary Presentation


With Steve Adams

Assoc. Editor, Citizen Magazine

and Trophy Husband


Hugh Hewitt

Broadcasting Live from

the GodBlogCon


Joe and David

On Air with Hugh


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5 Responses

  1. Very very cool pictures. Thank you for posting them. I have a few I’ll be posting within the next few days!

    Stay sweet! You rock! 🙂

  2. Terry says:

    I like how you and Jack take the Penta Posse with you on events. I think they will enjoy the experinces. Thanks for sharing the pics too.

  3. Mike says:


    Careful – you’re going to end up making me look smart !

    All the best,

    Mike Laprarie

  4. Fallen But Forgiven

    Excessive pride. I’ve got it, and it’s not pretty. Like most humans, I don’t like admitting weakness, either. It’s Monday afternoon, and I’m recovering from a three-day trip to California (from the east coast). The words …

  5. Mike's Noise says:

    More on GodBlogCon – final thoughts and photos

    If you haven’t read the AP story about GodBlogCon, here is a link. I’ve had a few days now to think about GodBlogCon and reflect on some of the powerful themes that emerged from the meeting. I’ll start with a

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