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Just a few more pictures, and some links to some new friends. One issue discussed at the convention was the importance of community — blogging provides both possibilities. . . and limitations . . . for furthering vital connections among people.

You can make some really terrific friends through blogging, without ever meeting in person, because the relationship is forged through common interests. (Or at least friendly disagreement!) But it is still nice to meet the old-fashioned way: in real life!

So, here are a few more of the fun folks I enjoyed meeting — take a minute to stop by and say hello to them.


Mike LaPrarie

Mike’s Noise

Christy Lynn Wilson

This is Christy Lynn Wilson, PR Director for the DeMoss Group, who also blogs at B Relevant. Christy is working right now on promoting a program that will air on PBS in February/March called “Walking the Bible.” She says it will be good; I’ll let you know after I preview the DVD she’s going to send me!


I love this view of the patio where everyone was hanging out, listening to Hugh Hewitt’s show on the loudspeakers, and catching up on blogging in the gorgeous 90 degree California sunshine!


Meeting Stacy Harp

Here I’m meeting Stacy Harp for the first time. She’s the wonder woman behind Mind and Media. She has also started a new blog on the persecuted church.


The Dreamer

My Photographer!

Here’s my baby listening to Hugh’s live broadcast. She took a lot of these pics. She’s going to be launching a blog, Saltwater Indigo, as soon as her mother gets it together and gets the tech details working.


Andy Jackson

This is Dr. Andrew Jackson during the plenary session with David and Joe. Andy is a pastor who founded SmartChristian.com and also blogs there. He’s got a fantastic round-up of blog reax to the convention.


Peter Shinn

And this is Peter Shinn who heads up the March Together against abortion. He also got my email working — thanks Peter! That’s bloggers for you.


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4 Responses

  1. Back from GodBlogCon

    I am so happy to be back and writing to you. I had a great time at the very first GodBlogCon and I have to tell you that it was exciting to note that people are interested in reading

  2. Sam says:

    Pete is a retard.

  3. Marc Buhler says:

    Not only did Peter Shinn fix your e-mail, he also got you a mention in wikipedia, thanks to his Onion mistake. Or maybe it wasn’t a mistake, but Pete will have to explain that to you if you are interested. Read the comments to his blog articles.


    In just a day, his blog has gone from ~100 hits a day or less to many tens of thousands of hits and people all around the country are going to start handing out onions to those who protest against women’s rightful choice. Onions. That’s the fruit of Pete’s vine, as you will see. Human life starts when there is some reasonable neurotransmission and it is a good thing to keep it happening when you blog.

    (signed) marc

  4. Bruce says:

    The trouble with people like Peter Shinn, is that they have such a distorted view of reality, and such an exalted perception of their own self-righteousness, that they feel vindicated when they are persecuted. Peter, you are obviously not the sharpest knife in the drawer and you might do more for your movement by removing yourself from the process.

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