Bruce Bartlett on George Bush



Bruce Bartlett

Bruce Bartlett says George Bush has never been a conservative.

At best, conservatives were naive about Bush. At worst, they sold out much of what they claim to believe in.

Tell us what you really think Bruce.

He says that the reason the Miers nomination has turned so ugly between Bush and conservative intellectuals is because it is “the last straw,” coming from a “conservative” president who has expanded, and expanded, and expanded the government.

But wait. The plot thickens.

Speaking of conservative politics, Bartlett, who worked in the White House under Reagan, and who has spent the last ten years as a fellow with the National Center for Policy Analysis in Dallas was fired yesterday because of a soon-to-be-released book critical of President Bush.

Politics ain’t beanbag. No indeed.

UPDATE: Hat tip to the Captain!


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