Who's the King?



Lots of shenanigans ongoing at the Cotillion — Beth is hosting a runoff vote for King of the Cotillion!


Thunder 6

I have been staying out of this, because we are serious around here, . . .but I do feel compelled to note that one of the nominees has been featured previously in these pages as an “American Knight.”

So promotion to King seems only natural.

Not that I’d want to influence your vote.

# # #

Cotillion Carnival up today, too, over at TFS Magnum by Zendo Deb.

UPDATE: You know, you gotta love a guy who has “Plan of Salvation” at the top of his blog. Plus, for you single girls, he’s cute. And a military guy who used to play in a band. (Hey, Em! Heads up!)

You’ve only got a few more days to vote!


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4 Responses

  1. guess says:

    Anyone but the one who puts up pr0n pictures on his blog. Thunder6 is a good guy.

    MacStansbury and B.C. are too, of course.

  2. MacStansbury says:

    yeah, I can sense your unbiasedness from way over here.

    and I hope you can sense my bitter jealousy over here.

  3. MacStansbury says:

    okay, I’m over the bitterness now.

    ‘specially since you called me cute.

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