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We won!! The Laurel Hurricanes won the Maryland State Championship and will be advancing to the Regional competition next week in Pennsylvania. The goal — on to the Superbowl at Disneyworld in December!

In fact, the celebration tonight was tinged with a timeline. “I love you guys,” said Coach Bell, “but only ’till Tuesday. Then it’s back to work.” Tonight was a fantastic win, but these kids have been dreaming of — no, really working toward — making it to Florida all season long.


State Champions!!


Though it was hard to say who was happier, the kids or the coaches tonight. They both earned it. It’s a privilege to be on this team, and really interesting to watch how these coaches have negotiated between giving each kid a pat on the back when he deserves it — and a kick in the backside when needed. . . they are ten years old after all.


We asked Coach Bell what he did to produce such winners year after year.

“Discipline,” said Bell, a former Marine. “[We] teach the boys to listen and learn on the field and listen and learn in the classroom.”

He also teaches them to win.


Laurel Hurricanes, Maryland

But teamwork starts with fun. To begin the pattern of listening and learning as a team, Coach Bell taught the boys the Hurricane’s post-game celebration chant. The Breakdown.

And here it is. Courtesy of the Dreamer, we’ve got a 0.41 second clip of the Hurricanes doin’ the Breakdown.

Did I mention: the State Champion Hurricanes??!!



Julius Weems and Bob Washington


Mom and Dad at the game


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5 Responses

  1. Sabrina "Side-line Cheerleader & Mother Coach" Washington says:

    Yoest Family,

    What can I say? You all are super fantastic. I love the update on our “Maryland State CHAMPIONS – the Laurel Hurricanes Jr. Pee Wee’s.

    Yes, they are a dynamic group of 9-11 year olds. Coach Bell, Coach Giddy, Coach Bob, Coach Chandler, Coach Patrick are the “Dream Team” coaches of the millenium.

    Gas up your car…because we are going far!

    Here we go Hurricanes…here we go!!! Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah!!! Looks like the Hurricanes are blowing through… Get ready, get ready, get ready!

  2. Richard Mitchell says:

    I just wanted to extend sincere congratulations to the Laurel Hurricanes Jr PeeWee squad. The coaches and kids did a wonderful job. All I want to know is why don’t you guys have a heart and let the opposing team at least get one first down – something to keep the kids hopes alive. Keep it moving Dawgs. Coach Bell – Oh Yeah!!!!! Oh Yeah!!!!!! What Time is it!!!!!!!! What time is it!!!!!!

  3. Jack says:

    RM got it right — the Hurricane team is such a powerhouse that the other team didn’t get a first down.

    This team, this coaching staff, this community is going places!



  4. Leah says:

    Congratulations! What a wonderful experience for your son. I wish the team luck in the championships. Also, kudos to you for getting your child involved in teamwork and leadership; those skills will truly help prepare him for whatever life he chooses to lead.

  5. Jack Yoest says:

    Leah, thank you for your support and kind words. And you are right about the life skills and teamwork for the boys.

    One of our relations runs the F14 simulator on the Virginia coast training pilots. He says, as you noted, that the biggest variable in the success of a pilot is active participation in sports in high school and college.

    Thanks again for your observation,


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