Media Alert: MSNBC at 9:30 on Legalized Prostitution


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I’ll be on Rita Cosby’s new show on MSNBC tonight “Live and Direct” talking about legalized prostitution. With Heidi Fleiss. . .

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  1. I got to see your piece with Heidi and all I can say Charmaine is that you did great despite the fact that apparently Rita has no clue about the underbelly of this abhorrent area.

    And for Heidi to be so proud that she’s going to open a male brothel is just sad….sad and more sad.

    Personally, I think Rita went over the line also with this show as the majority of what she showed was in my mind – soft core porn.


  2. Becky Jones says:

    Caught your piece. You were great. I was actually waiting to see Michael Yon and caught the end of the Bunny Ranch porno followed by your discussion with Heidi Fleiss. Both Rita and Heidi are pretty clueless in this one.

    You just have to wonder about Heidi’s business sense. Her last 2 ventures (the madam gig and the underwear line) didn’t do too well. A male brothel seems like the idea of someone with no business plan other than “yeah! yeah! that’ll work! I’d go there and so would everyone I know!”

    And what the heck happened to Heidi’s face? She looks like an episode of “Nip/Tuck” gone really really bad!

  3. tim says:

    Good job Charmaine – you shone a little light on a dark industry and exposed the irrational and bankrupt morality of legalized prostitution. In fact, from what I witnessed, you were the only voice of sanity on this “news report” that was obviously pro-prostitution.

  4. I also caught your time on Rita Cosby, and have been talking about Trafficking on my own site for some time now. It saddened me that journalists were so quick to condemn Lifetime’s attempt at bringing light to the issue because of the idea that the movie was disturbing. That it was, but such was necessary to illuminate the ugly truths about what happens in that event. Fleiss was entertaining, at best, but couldn’t really articulate her argument and you weren’t able to present yours because Rita was more interested in the sensationalism behind the Ranch and the fact that the women can make that much money to begin with. I didn’t learn much, except that some pathetically lonely people are willing to pay more than what some of us make in a year for something that seems to be nothing to the rest of us.

  5. Charlie says:

    I am very glad that you agreed to be on the show, Charmaine. I didn’t make it to your segment, though. Rita’s show starts at 11pm out west, and after watching the Bunny Ranch segment and listening to her eagerly promoting prostitution as some kind of female liberation movement, I went to bed.

    I think it’s fascinating, the way we are normalizing promiscuity and anonymous sex in the name of the equality of the sexes and libreration from Puritanism. And whether they realize it or not, women are the ones paying the greatest price for this new freedom.

  6. Mike says:

    Charmaine, you did a fine job, but the segment itself…yucch. It was pro-prostitution, and Rita came across as….kinda shallow. I really objected to the Bunny Ranch sequence…Rita looked giddy as she entered the place…and too, when she ended the interview with “Heidi, I understand you’re starting a new business venture!” her chirpiness was inappropriate. What the heck is so funny about prostitution?

  7. David Wayne says:

    We tivo’d and didn’t watch till last night. The segment itself was pretty sleazy but you handled yourself with class and dignity. I’m proud to know you!

    Of course you tried to bring depth to a discussion which was predicated on shallowness. Rita was nearly breathless in her enthusiasm for legalized prostitution and just couldn’t wait to give Heidi a chance to make her big announcement. About the most substantial counter Heidi made to anything you said was something along the lines of “nuh-uh.”

    And what is up with Heidi’s face? It looked like a Halloween horror mask. The plastic surgeons of America are going to lose a lot of business if people get a look at her.

    I know that commment was a bit snarky but it actually is a pretty good parable of what this kind of business can do to a person.

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