Why We Didn't "Find" WMD's in Iraq


John Tierney

Former Weapons Inspector

John Tierney was an UNSCOM weapons inspector in Iraq. Today, FrontPage carries a lengthy interview with Tierney.

Why didn’t we find WMD’s? Here’s Tierney’s response:

On finds, the key word here is “find.” UNSCOM could pursue a lead and approach an inspection target from various angles to cut off an escape route, but at some point, the Iraqis would hold up their guns and keep us out. . .knowing that as long as there were armed guards between us and the weapons, we would never be able to “find,” as in “put our hands on,” the weapons of mass destruction. The western press mindlessly took this up and became the Iraqis’ tool.

So where did the WMD’s go?

Tierney gives a detailed answer which can be summarized in a word — Syria:

In Iraq’s case, the lakes and rivers were the toilet, and Syria was the back door.

(Via Powerline.)


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