Early Weekend, Movie Edition Part One: Top Spiritual Movies


If you are anything like me, Thanksgiving might be less about the turkey. . . and more about the movies!

My brother and his wife arrived in the wee hours last night, and we are already discussing the movie rentals.

Spiritually Significant?!?

It looks like my friend Joe Carter over at Evangelical Outpost is on that same wavelength, with a list of 50 “spiritually significant films.”

It’s a really interesting list and lots of my favorites show up. Still, call me a philistine, Joe, but I could NOT make it through your Number 7, Three Colors: Blue, White, Red, by Krzysztof Kieslowski.

(So maybe now is not the time to admit that the number one rental on our list for this weekend is Herbie?)

How ’bout your favorites readers? Spiritually significant, or otherwise. . .


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2 Responses

  1. Pat Patterson says:

    My Fair Lady and South Pacific-mainly because my mother, even though she forgets my name, can still sing with a strong soprano all the songs.

    The Searchers-redemption without acceptance.

    Fight Club-nothing redemptive but I still like it.

    Orpheus-Cocteau grapples with excesses of artistic expression and the demands of matrimonial responsibilities.

    Sgt. York-fundamentalism used for political purpose.

    Metropolitan-Whit Stillman’s first film with young sophisticates and the consequences of sin.

    Wild Strawberries and Titus-seemingly different films but with non-Christian concepts of revenge, even though Titus has Christian iconography in most scenes. Le Samourai-Delon looked cool but, as an amoral assassin, knew his fate.

  2. Zendo Deb says:

    Signs by M. Night Shyamalan is a stupid movie – doesn’t anyone have 12 ga. shotgun? – but the “spiritual” message is pretty thick. It is entertaining.

    If you are looking for movies with a positive message, like it is good to fight against evil, or duty is more important than happiness I like Lord of the Rings or the 2 Spiderman movies…. sounds silly but the whole bent of Spiderman is that he pays with his whole life atoning for one act of revenge…. And they are fun movies. Unbreakable is similar (also by Shyamalan).

    And for shear fun and a positive message about family and being true to yourself you can’t beat The Incredibles.