The Left's Verdict on Roe


One of the little-acknowledged legacies of Roe — putting aside the moral consequences for a moment — is a generation infected by the pernicious influence of shoddy intellectual (non)-reasoning.

This week’s discussion of parental notification prior to abortion is a perfect example. Liberals tie themselves into patently ridiculous contortions trying to defend allowing a child to have a major medical procedure without her parent’s knowledge, while the same child needs a parental signature for an ear-piercing.

This intellectual lunacy should be worrisome. And honest liberals know it.

Tim Carney has a terrific round-up of quotes, with full citations, from the Left on the lack of solid legal reasoning in Roe v. Wade.

The Left on Roe v. Wade


Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Supreme Court

“Heavy-handed judicial intervention”


Alan Dershowitz

Harvard Law

“judicial activism “


Laurence Tribe

Harvard Law

“its own verbal smokescreen”


Michael Kinsley

Los Angeles Times

“constitutional origami”


Jeff Rosen

The New Republic

“[no] intelligible principle”


Cass Sunstein

Univ. of Chicago

“way overreached”


John Hart Ely

Yale, Harvard, Stanford



William Saletan

Slate magazine

“invention, overreach, arbitrariness, textual indifference”

Of course, the insuperable underlying challenge for intellectuals on the Left is one that they resolutely refuse to admit. Roe is a stinker. But it’s not simply because Blackmun did a poor job of constructing his case.

Roe fails because the attempt to craft an intellectually sound case for abortion is an exercise in defending the indefensible.


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  1. Carol says:

    Again, I agree completely. Once I was amazed that reasonable and apparently kind people could be pro-choice. Then I realized that fear of not following party lines or fear of agreeing with anything Republican made them unwilling to look at the issue objectively. Instead they keep chanting “freedom of choice, freedom of choice” while ignoring the baby who is given no choice at all and the father who has no rights for the first nine months of his child’s life.

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