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Pete Caputa, from PC4Media sent this gift idea for the new year. It would be the most looked at item you could present as a present. The Red Cross Vintage Calendar.

Research has provided some predictability of the average calendar’s impact:

An estimated 50% of all calendars will be hung up on the end users wall.

A calendar is viewed five times per day per person.

A calendar is viewed by 1.5 persons per day.

A calendar is hung in an office open 5 days per week,

50 weeks per year.

Lots and lots of positive impressions.

Give a calendar; everyone will notice; the receiver will appreciate it.

Pete says:

Seth Godin has picked up on the very clever LOCAL Red Cross Fundraising tool, Custom Calendar Builder, that my buddy Eric Tapley has launched…

I encourage the rest of you to take a look at it too. And help spread the word. There are 80 different Red Cross Chapters that have signed up to use this as a fundraising tool. They are all distributing paper flyers to their respective constituents …

This fundraiser supports LOCAL Red Cross chapters. So…most of that goes to disaster relief. So, does a piece of the local budgets. And LOCAL chapters support our LOCAL communities, especially in the Winter months. So, they could use our support…

Please. Thank you.

Pete Caputa is right: Support your LOCAL Red Cross.

Very little of the calendar donation will go to the overhead support of Marsha Evans. She runs the American Red Cross. She earns $651,957.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

Your Business Blogger has an interest in a calendar marketing company in the advertising industry. Not affiliated with the Red Cross.

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