Non-Profit Board Management.



Your Business Blogger has a weakness for thinly capitalized organizations in trouble. I recently advised a non-profit on a number strategies. Challenges included hiring talent, fund raising, and risk management.

But the real problem was a board that meddled with day-to-day management.

A recent Wall Street Journal article provides an excellent overview of corporate governance by Jack Falvey.

#1 Directors do not manage a company

#2 Growth is a universal goal.

#3 Directors need only deal with two basic numbers — revenue and expenses

#4 Succession planning is a board duty

#5 Compensation

#6 Doing homework

A good board of directors provides consulting, contacts and access to capital.

Advice for the next decade. Not the next day.


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Thank you (foot)notes: has more at 9 Prophecies from Peter Drucker.

Small Business CEO has info and links on “Managing” your board. Blog Roll/bookmark Steve Rucinski. I did.

Rob Sama is hosting Carnival of the Capitalists.


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