Management Training: Save the Dates in Baltimore, DC & NYC; Watch The Video Clip


Following is an excerpt from a panel discussion hosted by iConcept Media in New York City.

Pull Out Quotes,

If it’s not core,

Ship it off-shore.

If your business is growing more than 20% a year, you must buy some debt or sell some equity — this is the only way to fund receivables, unless you have a cash business (or a Dell business model…).

In marketing run the numbers down the funnel: how many touches going in at the top, to an action, to a sale at the bottom of the funnel. Work that sale backward up the funnel to learn the size needed for your marketing budget. (And remember: Half your marketing budget will be wasted. You get paid to figure out which half. Apologies to John Wanamaker.)

Your job in business is to create a customer and make a profit. If you are not doing this, you do not have a business; you have a hobby.

Your Business Blogger(R) is honored to be speaking in Baltimore on March 26th; in Washington DC, on April 3rd and in New York City on May 29th.

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See Birol’s Blog for Advice, Assistance, Attitude

And while in New York City, go visit the Indian Bread Company.

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