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. . . read the Merry Christmas blog!

We ordered our Christmas cards tonight. In the past, we have had cards that said “Happy Holidays” on it, and I have to admit that we did that deliberately so that we could send it to our friends of other faiths.

This year, the card says “Christmas Blessings.”

Weird world we live in when your Christmas card becomes a political issue.

But hey. Do you want one of our Christmas Blessings cards?? Just sign up for the email subscription to Reasoned Audacity (on the left-hand sidebar), then send me an email with your home address, and the card will soon be on its way.

The Penta-Posse is already busy stamping envelopes!


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  1. Beth says:

    Charmaine – thanks for the link. I’m moving over to Blue Star Chronicles.

    { }. I will continue my completely unintentional efforts at annoying the ACLU and my new best friend San Francisco Liberal Traitor and his friends from there.

    It seems that John Gibson, Bill O’Reilly and I have done a pretty good job of bringing the Merry Christmas issue to the publics attention {gin}. So, I move on to other issues now 🙂

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