The Right to Choose — Unless You are a Man


The Median Sib sent me over to read a post from Right on the Left Coast that begins this way:

Full disclosure: at a point in my distant past a woman aborted a child of mine. She didn’t tell me about it for 10 years. I still feel the loss.

The rest is worth the read.


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3 Responses

  1. Sam Basso says:

    It is long past time to evaluate men’s rights when it comes to parenting, marriage, divorce and custody.

    In today’s world, in normal, non-criminal sexual relations, a woman has the ability to prevent pregnancies… or to get pregnant… without the consent of the sperm donor involved, be it casual date, boyfriend, or husband.

    Thus, a woman can have a child without the consent of the man, and demand child support, and ditch the man, too.

    A woman can have a child by another man, claim the father is someone else, and saddle a totally innocent man with child support. If I am not mistaken, in one or more states, if a man doesn’t know the child isn’t his, and 2 years passes, then he is deemed to be the father anyway and he is then responsible for the child support… even if he only had a one night stand and never met the woman ever again, only found out it wasn’t his several years later, and even if he never was notified that he was being named the father.

    There is more here. Something has to change. In any other realm of the law, these types of things would be considered fraud on the man.

  2. Adam's Blog says:

    Don’t Even Think…

    Courtesy of Instapundit I found this piece on The Huffington Post.

    Dalton Conley wrote a piece in the NY Times saying that the problem with Samuel Alito’s ruling on Spousal Consent. He wrote:

    His only problem was not going far enough, relying …

  3. Darren says:

    Sam, it’s even worse than you indicated.

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