Media Alert: CNBC at 7:30


Headed out shortly to CNBC to discuss marketing issues — and politics, natch — with a representative of American Girl, the doll manufacturer — they landed themselves in a bit of trouble by getting involved with Girls, Inc., an organization that includes abortion rights as one of their advocacy goals.

Hit time 7:30.


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2 Responses

  1. Susan Warner says:

    Hey – saw you on ABC news tonight! Way to go! Congratulations on the new job – you looked great!

  2. gsk says:

    + Excellent job, Charmaine. Cool, concerned, and cheerful. Nothing brassy or harpie-like. Just an enthusiastic mother of girls who is perplexed as to why such a nice toy company would politicise its product line (Ha! and he asked why YOU politicised it).

    Of course, shadow boxing is tough, without a real opponent. Very, very well done, m’dear. Kudos.

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