Red Cross CEO Quits



American Red Cross Marsha Evans stepped down as President and CEO of the Red Cross.


Marsha Evans

There was some reported unhappiness with the Red Cross response during Katrina. Your Business Blogger was unhappy with her $651,957 compensation.

I’m not sure the non-profit got their money’s worth — or our donation’s worth — of performance.

Marsha suggested that she wanted to spend more time with her family.

Code-talk for getting fired.

Update from post dated 7 December 2005:

Pete Caputa, from PC4Media sent this gift idea for the new year. It would be the most looked at item you could present as a present. The Red Cross Vintage Calendar.

Research has provided some predictability of the average calendar’s impact:

An estimated 50% of all calendars will be hung up on the end users wall.

A calendar is viewed five times per day per person.

A calendar is viewed by 1.5 persons per day.

A calendar is hung in an office open 5 days per week,

50 weeks per year.

Lots and lots of positive impressions.

Give a calendar; everyone will notice; the receiver will appreciate it.

Pete says:

Seth Godin has picked up on the very clever LOCAL Red Cross Fundraising tool, Custom Calendar Builder, that my buddy Eric Tapley has launched…

I encourage the rest of you to take a look at it too. And help spread the word. There are 80 different Red Cross Chapters that have signed up to use this as a fundraising tool. They are all distributing paper flyers to their respective constituents …

This fundraiser supports LOCAL Red Cross chapters. So…most of that goes to disaster relief. So, does a piece of the local budgets. And LOCAL chapters support our LOCAL communities, especially in the Winter months. So, they could use our support…

Please. Thank you.

Pete Caputa is right: Support your LOCAL Red Cross.

Very little of the calendar donation will go to the overhead support of Marsha Evans. She runs the American Red Cross. She earns $651,957.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

Your Business Blogger has an interest in a calendar marketing company in the advertising industry. Not affiliated with the Red Cross.

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  1. Carol says:

    I stopped donating to The Red Cross when I found out how much Marsha Evans makes. Even if she worked every single day with no holidays or weekends off, that’s still almost two grand a day. That’s a misuse of the money that people contribute to the organization. My charitable donations now go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, my local church, and The Salvation Army.

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