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Mike Jingozian


Angel VisionStretch the truth. Mislead. Lie.


Harvard University

Yes, I know Truth is the most obvious way to protect a brand. Obivous to you, Gentle Reader. But not Mike Jingozian, founder of Angel Vision. We can see a truthless-clue in a simple reference check of academic achievements. Here, Mike is not concerned with the precision of his pedigree.

Mike was quick, very quick, to remind us that “he received a CAS degree in Applied Science from Harvard.” His degree was touted in the pitch and in print.

Except that Mike Jingozian does not have a degree from Harvard.

An Alert Reader, who has intimate knowledge of AV, comments, “I just read your blog posts on AngelVision Technologies – and almost fell out of my chair laughing…:

The one little tid-bit I thought I would add – just because I’ve always found it to be hilarious – is that Jingozian doesn’t actually have a “degree” from Harvard. He took some computer class there back in the mid-80s, and so he actually has just a certificate from Harvard. . .

The Alert Reader is right. Harvard says that:

candidates for the master’s degree…Note: This program is separate from the Harvard Extension School’s open admissions program leading to the Certificate of Advanced Standing in Applied Sciences (C.A.S.).

MIke Jingozian has a “certificate.” Not a “degree.”

These distinctions are important. Academic credentials are critical. Woe to the student who even confuses associate professor with assistant professor with full professor.

The Alert Reader continues:

[AV] is without a doubt one of the most bizarre experiences of my life. . .Jingozian would talk endlessly about his conversations with “The Entity” – which was some form of God that he spoke to, and I imagine, got all his business advice from….

Thanks for your post – it really cracked me up.

So how did this all get started? I would submit AV is closer to a quasi-cult than a corporation. Jeff Otis, the AV BizDev VP says,

“Our company slogan could have been “Be Like Mike” but that was already taken.”

My fear is that they all would be like Mike. A bit confused on the truth.


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1 Response

  1. Steve H says:


    I received an email from AngelVision tonight and looked around and found what you wrote about them.

    All I was interested in was what their product costs because we never have advertised much and the flash presentation looks like a good vehicle for someone like us.

    I had no idea what the costs at AngelVision might be but you helped me out with that item. Thanks!

    I think I’ll pass. I have a 14 year old niece that’s pretty good at flash presentations. I think I can save a buck or two that way…

    I never much liked Dan Rather, but he wrote a book (or someone did for him) called “The Camera Never Blinks.”

    It not only is a cool title for a book but I suppose you could say the same thing about blogs where you get your email posted like this Mike guy did when he wrote you. Maybe the “Blog Never Blinks” might fit.

    His email sits there and someone like me reads it and possibly like I did they come away thinking that basically the guy seems to be a flake.

    Like I said, my niece is pretty good at this kind of stuff. Maybe I’ll set her up in business. I wonder if “devilvision.com” is taken…


    Steve H