Free Christmas Consulting and Mandatory Dog Picture



Shadrach claws at work

baby Dreamer, Charmaine,

Jack 1995If you are reading this on the Eve of Christmas Eve, you are probably a-working away.

Free Consulting:

Go Home

[sigh] I see that you are not packing up.

Maybe you can sneak out at noon.

And do something you will remember a decade later. Pictured is little Dreamer and Shadrach (The Dog Genius) and Charmaine. I don’t remember the work I skipped out on.

But I’ll have this picture.



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Check back tomorrow for Free Consulting for the Uniformed Services.

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To Grandmother‘s house we go.

See Brannon‘s Euro-trip for adventure.

Every little girl deserves Daddy’s Roses.

Alone on a Limb has advice.


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