Free Consulting on Christmas Day for the Uniformed Services



When Your Business Blogger had the honor of wearing an Army uniform, I was not married.

I always volunteered for duty on Christmas Day. No, not because I wanted the pity of self-inflicted punishment.

(Nobody likes martyrs. That’s why we killed so many of them.)

No, I traded Christmas duty with the married guys — so that I would not have to work New Year’s Eve.

The High Holiday for the unhitched.


In my rear view mirror, all holidays were a waste before Charmaine. Here’s your FLIR, your Forward Looking InfraRed to see through the darkness, the future.

Three Free Consulting Action Recommendations for men in uniform:

1) If you are married on an unaccompanied tour:

Come Home Safe.

We will celebrate your return. And,

2) If you are unmarried, currently serving out of theater:

Get Married.

You’ve made the planet a safer place. It’s now your duty to make world a better place.

3) If you are umarried in a combat theater:

Complete Action Items #1, then #2.

That’s an order.

Working New Year’s Eve will be the result of the best decision you will ever make.

I guarantee it.



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Reasoned Audacity. Merry Christmas


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