Brokeback Update


My prediction was that Brokeback Mountain “wouldn’t make it to New Years.” So, just checkin’ in. How’s it doing?

Brokeback Mountain hopped along in limited release, roping $3 million over the four-day weekend at 217 locations. The $14 million cowboy love story averaged $13,599 a site, still sturdy but considerably cooled from its first two weeks with the addition of more suburban locales. With $7.9 million in the till, distributor Focus Features will expand the picture slightly for New Year’s weekend before an aggressive addition of about 80 markets on Jan. 6.

Still trying to sell that “average per site” schtick. Well, I guess we’ll see how that “agressive addition” of 80 markets works out for them.

The way I read the bottom line is that they are still only barely over halfway toward breaking even. . . on a movie that cost only $14 mill to make.


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10 Responses

  1. MacStansbury says:

    I meant to take umbrage with your prediction that it would last to the new year. it’s going to fester for quite a long time, in limited release, and people will think it’s the greatest show of marketing power ever.

    The Passion of the Christ will be completely ignored, however.

  2. Pat Patterson says:

    Eventually Brokeback Mountain will be on 3,000+ screens and averaging $22.50 each. But for a non-stomach turning view of a gay cinematic relationship look no further than Wez and his blonde boyfriend in Road Warrior. Wez was the only person in the film that had a romantic and personal feeling toward anybody. Everybody else wanted the oil or the way to some Utopian paradise on the Australian Gold Coast. Okay slightly off topic.

  3. charmaine says:

    I think that is on topic, Pat. And besides, you are allowed off topic!

    Your point is very interesting — the differentiation between “stomach turning” and “non-stomach turning.” I think the real issue here is not entirely the depiction of the gay relationship, but the obvious, ham-handed political agenda of the film. And its promoters.

  4. Buzz says:

    >>The way I read the bottom line is that they are still only barely over halfway toward breaking even. . . on a movie that cost only $14 mill to make.>>The way I read the bottom line is that they are still only barely over halfway toward breaking even. . . on a movie that cost only $14 mill to make.

  5. KathleenM says:

    “Wouldn’t make it to New Year’s”?

    Brokeback — already at $22 million in box office — jumped up to #8 this week (from #14 last week), is still the leader in per-theatre averages, and is expanding into more theatres next week.

    Check the batteries on the crystal ball.

  6. andre says:

    It is in the top 10 now.

  7. andre says:

    Make that the top 5 now.

  8. $42 Million and Counting says:

    By January 22, 2006, Brokeback Mountain had earned more than U.S.$42 million total in North America [4].

    The film was released in London, England on December 30 in only one cinema, and was widely released in UK on January 6, 2006. By January 11, Time Out London magazine was reporting that it was the number one movie in the city, beating out Match Point [5]. It is scheduled to be released in Australia on January 26, and in many other countries during the first three months of 2006 [6].

    Brokeback Mountain was the highest-grossing movie in the U.S. from Tuesday, January 17 until Thursday, January 19, 2006, due in large part to its wins at the Golden Globes on January 16.

  9. Leidenfrost says:

    As of January 31, 2006 Brokeback Mountain ticket sales exceed $62,000,000.

  10. Kelly says:

    Thanks for giving us a place to post! (and posting opposiong viewpoints). Brokeback Mountain is now the # 2 selling film in America, with 54 million domestic sales, and 27 million abroad (with many major markets abroad not showing it till March). Its selling in the heartland, and one movie site said its on line to perhaps sell 90,000,000.00 domestic in the theaters, not including foreign sales by the end of its run. It opens in another 400 theaters today. I metioned in another blog about how a lesbian friends brother saw the movie (his girlfriend took him), and afterwards, he called his sister and they had their first friendly and supportive conversation since she came out. I think that alone is enough to make anyone with a heart appreciate this movie. Its a film about the mistakes men made when America was not yet a nation where two men or two women could safely be a couple. Pretty much everyone was hurt. Happily, such things dont have to happen now!

    We have moved on as a country, and America is ready for this movie. The critical acclaim…and the Ticket Sales far more than the acclaim, in red and blue states, bear this out. I admit, I never thought I would see it.

    Thanks again for hosting this blog Mrs Yoest. Your doing so is appreciated.