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Weblog Awards

the 2006 bloggiesDonald Trump once admitted on The Apprentice that, “I’ve been duped.”

Well, Your Business Blogger’s just been duped. Again.

I thought the Weblog Awards was a straight up competition for best blogs. But no.

I nominated a number of outstanding blogs for each category. Like, say, Reasoned Audacity.

But most of my nominees didn’t survive the cut.

Most of my suggestions were right-of-center writers.

Look-it the finalists.

Left-of-center. Which is OK, if I knew before-hand. Now I know.

(But you, Alert Reader, probably already knew that.)

Anyway, two of my nominations did get thru. gapingvoid and The Political Teen.

I’m sure Hugh MacLeod at gapingvoid and I would not agree on most policies political. But I bought business cards from him. He runs a great business. He’s up for Best Brit Blog.

And nobody beats The Political Teen on conservative video and commentary. Ian Schwartz is up for Best Teen Blog.

Go vote. For these two.

Not Firedoglake.


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gapingvoid.comHere’s the backside of my new business cards — artwork by Hugh MacLeod. Loved by sociopaths everywhere.

Don Surber didn’t make it as a finalist. He’s that good. Bookmark him.


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  1. Hey, I’m working on beating Ian with my video….;) The problem is all the big huge bloggers wont’ give me the time of day, EVEN THOUGH I totally beat Ian to putting up some very good video recently.

    But am I hurt and wounded ? Absolutely! But I will carry on and March for Video as I get it. Today I posted some slimy video of O’Reilly and his dominatrix….newsworthy…kind of…slimy definitely 🙂

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