The Carnival of the Capitalists Is Up for 20 February


This week’s host duties are performed flawlessly by Joseph Weisenthal at The Stalwart. Mr Weisenthal has a well done blog with almost 900 visitors a day.


Carnival Editors, as you know, are not paid. But lend their time, talent and treasure to making the world a better place.

Because of the COTC, Your Business Blogger found, Countries, Individuals, & Production, by Chris Rossini at Market Place Monitor about China.


People’s Republic of China

Chris reminds us that people do business, not countries, not companies.

I would add that it really doesn’t matter if the product is computer chips or potato chips. Or in which direction the transaction flows. A good deal enriches both parties. Both companies, both countries, both peoples.

Chris writes on China’s steel. I would submit that the PRC very much wants to do business with the USA.

English is now the second official language of China. As I write, there are more people in China learning English than there are English speakers in America.

China did $160 billion in Feb 05 in exports to the USA — we are China’s largest export partner.

Bloggers like Chris Rossini help us to learn more about doing business the world over.

Good work and good business.


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  1. lance says:

    I would submit to Chris that China is more like an enormous company at times than a country. Yes it has a diverse and enormous population and has its hands in almost all industries but it is still under a heavy hand of control from it’s government. Not just in Beijing but at every level of government. It is run very similar to the way that the US was run in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s with Bosses in different departments overseeing production. Many officials in china have to be “personally financially satisfied” by what appears to be a mutually beneficial B 2 B relationship. To insinuate that doing business in China is about companies partnering with companies ignores the underbelly of China and the associated upfront costs that go with it. It is not like doing business with western companies no matter how often that idea seems to be repeated. China has not evolved to that point yet. Im going back im April. Maybe things have changed. It’s one of the few places I go where I dont want to go out to dinner with the local officials it’s to “taxing”.

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