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Charmaine’s coverage of the State of the Union. Cross Post from Reasoned Audacity

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Me, I’m just waiting for the moment when newly-sworn-in Justice Alito arrives and takes his place among the Supreme Court Justices. . .

9:06 And the moment did not disappoint! I’m watching at the Family Research Council’s State of the Union party, and the crowd here is spilling out into the hall. . . Justice Alito just walked into the House chamber — to the chorus of wild applause here at 801 G Street just a few blocks away.


The statistics on the increase in the number of democracies is impressive. I think it is smart to lay the marker down early in defining who the enemy is and what the fight is we are engaged in.

“There is no peace in retreat. No honor in retreat. . . We will never surrender to evil.” I like that he is resolute in defining, and opposing, evil.

{The crowd shot of Senator Specter and Senator Dole was too hilarious. The crowd here went nuts.}

The road to victory is the road to bring our troops home — wow, that is really poignant. When he says that those decisions will be made by our military commanders, big applause here.

“Second-guessing is not a strategy. . .” Yeah.

“Liberty is the right and hope of all humanity” — Yes. He takes a lot of criticism for his strong articulation of, and belief in, the spread of democracy, but isn’t this exactly “the vision thing?”

Speaking directly to the Iranian people — very interesting strategy. In a world of 21st century communication (the blog world!), could be effective.

9:36 “If there are people inside our country who are talkin’ to Al Quaida, we want to know about it, because we won’t sit back and wait to be hit again. . .” You know, this is why you need a cowboy for a President.

Pas the line-item veto — hmmm. . . a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Yeah, a little stand-up, sit-down, fight, fight, political fight here over Social Security!

Nanotechnology. Umhum. This is the grocery list part of the speech where things always start to drift.

And why do social issues have to be buried at the end. . . they are coming aren’t they?

Okay, here we go. . . abstinence, abortion. . .and wait, marriage protection even —

woah, catching up here: Justice Thomas and Justice Breyer standing and clapping at his mention of Alito’s confirmation! Wow! That is unprecedented.

10:02 Now as he’s winding up we’re back to Mike Gerson’s beautiful language. . . (Nice, nice job Mike.)


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