Social Issues and the State of the Union



Let me say first: the President gave an excellent speech last night — I cheered through most of it. But. CQ ran a story this morning about the State of the Union with a graphical illustration of the number of times the President mentioned certain issues. (Subscription required — it’s on page 25.)

Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council, had an interesting suggestion: add social issues to the graph; let’s see what happens.

The result was incredible. The graph you see above powerfully illustrates empirically, exactly what many of us felt after watching the speech.

Click on the image for Tony’s comments — thanks to Andy McDonald for the graphic and Dawn Marie Powers for the research. Cross-posted from


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  1. BuzzKelly says:

    If you’re upset about Bush’s SOTU address, you have no one to blame but yourself. Some 49% of America knew the man was a sham candidate. It’s not our fault you didn’t know, and you voted for a sham.