Four in the Morning



Going Nuclear

with TaggingAnd mourning.

Unwritten rules of the Blogosphere. Courtesy. Spell check. Fact check. Short sentences.

Short paragraphs.

And responding to chain (e?)mail. The internet game of tagging.

I don’t know what’s worse. Being ignored. Or getting “tagged.”

I’m “it.” For now.


Four In The Morning

Four Places You’ve Lived:

Washington, DC. For a day and half, then we were robbed.

Richmond, Virginia

North Potomac. Used to be Gaithersburg. Property vaules went up with the name change

Alexandria, Virginia. Bought high. Sold low.

Four Jobs You’ve Had In Your Life:


Door-to-door salesman

Carpenter’s Helper, promoted to Carpenter’s Assistant

CIO in a billion dollar enterprise

Four Movies You Could Watch Over And Over (and Over and Over):

Princess Bride


It’s a Good Life

Great Escape

Four TV Shows You Love To Watch:

Brit Hume


George Will (whatever that Sunday show he’s on)

Dora the Explorer

Four Places You’ve Been on Vacation:

Back yard

Parent’s pool

Neighbors’ pool

Your pool

Four Websites You Visit Daily:

Reasoned Audacity


Don Surber

Basil’s Blog

Four Of Your Favorite Foods:

Zone Bars


MacDonald’s French Fries


Four Places You’d Rather Be:

A Red State

With Low Taxes

And School Vouchers

Near Wal*Mart

Four Albums You Can’t Live Without:

Catch Bull at Four

4 Him

Forever Young

Fortunate Son

Charmaine and I got tagged from our friend Tom McMahon. Who was trained by General Electric.

We learned from his four-some that he worked both as a janitor and Nuclear Reactor Operator. Probably at the same time.

He’s more dextrous than Homer Simpson. And he’s radioactive. Go bookmark him, anyway.

Here are the four I’m tagging:


Joe Grossberg

Writing Right



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2 Responses

  1. Already did that quiz: (OK I didn’t wait to get “tagged”)

    “North Potomac. Used to be Gaithersburg. Property vaules went up with the name change”

    Heh. I lived there for a year. It’s a pseudo-town and not even adjacent to Potomac; you have Rockville in between them.

  2. Bloggers: The World is Watching!

    Lansing, Michigan – It is Friday morning and the time is 8:00 EST. I have been doing a little research the last few days on my blog traffic. I suddenly realized that 10% of the visitors to the Pacesetter Mortgage

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