Down Syndrome. . . and the Value of Life


By Charmaine — Cross Post from Reasoned Audacity.


This is Gabriel. He has Down Syndrome.

Recent headlines have celebrated the fact that prenatal testing has advanced to the point that they can now more reliably test for Down Syndrome in the first trimester of pregnancy.

When I was pregnant with my last child, who is now two, my doctor asked me if I wanted the test for Down Syndrome, which wasn’t very reliable two years ago, but had to be done at the 11-week mark. Puzzled, I remarked that that was a little odd to have such a short window for a test like that. What was so special at 11 weeks, I asked.

My doctor, a wonderful pro-life physician, made a face at me, and waited for me to catch up.

Oh. Right.

The headlines about the newer, improved test made the issue clear: Down Syndrome Now Detectable In 1st Trimester: Earlier Diagnosis Allows More Time for Decisions, trumpeted the Washington Post.

“More Decisions” . . . like do babies like Gabriel live, or die.


Gabriel’s dad, Sam Ingersoll wants to get a message to the women, and men, who are confronting that decision today.

He’s been there.

He’s lived the anguish of discovering that a cherished child will be handicapped for life. But now, he’s living the joy . . . the joy of Gabriel’s life.

Sam has set up a website, Gabriel’s Angel Network, to reach out to parents newly confronted with a diagnosis that their baby has Down Syndrome. He says that every day, 14 babies are born with Down Syndrome. . . while 126 are aborted.

Sam’s answer is a simple one: watch a video about Gabriel’s life. Then decide.

Spread the word. The video is powerful. Take a minute to watch; tell a friend; and stop by Gabriel’s Angel Network to support Sam.

And Gabriel. Who teaches us the intrinsic value of life.

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