Carnival of Entrepreneurship #4 Is Here


The Carnival has some outstanding writing and analysis. World class. From around the world.


Leah MacleanFrom the continent/country of Australia, Leah Maclean, at Working Solo, presents Golden Rules Part 2 – My List. Leah’s article highlights ground rules in being grounded. I liked her point: Surround yourself with people you love. I would add the Love issue to taking on an assignment or job. Clinton Secretary Jesse Brown said that he would “only work for people who loved” him. Our friend, Leah, from Down Under is on top with this advice.


Rick SpenceRick Spence, at Canadian Entrepreneur, presents Thinking before speaking. On how to deliver criticism. Rick has advice on advising — having a direct conversation, however uncomfortable.


David DanielsDavid Daniels, at Global Market Development, presents Checklist to Internationalize a Product. Another Canadian, David, has distilled the steps to take a product international. David correctly, I believe, suggested using local partners, joint ventures whenever possible. I would add that in some countries, such as China — and here I would defer to David’s expertise — that what the Chinese call a ‘wholly foreign-owned enterprise’ might be the better structure than a JV. For a larger company.


Denise O’BerryDenise O’Berry, at Just For Small Business, presents It Is Not OK To Steal.Denise’s post is an outstanding short summary in defense of intellectual property — entertaining and useful. Bookmark her advice and links on actions to take when a thief steals your stuff.


Scott AllenScott Allen, at Entrepreneur’s Guide, presents Wednesday Work Tip #1: Redefining Project Completion. My oldest daughter, The Dreamer, came into my office last night and said, “I spent the whole day on this project and I have nothing to show for it.” Oh no, I thought. Welcome to the real world. Scott Allen has a compelling piece on Getting Things Done. Busy is not a receivable. Scott’s piece reminds us in so many words that going to the bank is what is important. Anything else is a hobby. (Don’t show income for three years and the IRS says so.) Anyway, The Dreamer learned Scott’s lesson early. She’s 12. She’s on her way to some day running her own business. And Scott’s blog is helping now.


Tom McMahonSee Tom McMahon with The Secret Of My Success, where he hit 1,000,000 visitors. Read how he runs the numbers down the funnel. In business, or in life, we do not manage numbers, we manage behaviors. The right behaviors (done by the numbers) will produce desired outcomes (measured against the numbers).


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Thank you (foot)notes:

The Carnival of Entrepreneurship #5 will be hosted by Martin Neumann.

Jesse Brown was my mentor and business partner.

Don Surber has best Thursday Posts.

Maneuver Marketing has more good analysis at AMGEN’s Tour.


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