Str*ppers in The Chronicle of Higher Education


Cross Post from Jack Yoest at Str*ppers with the uncensored version.


Higher Education in The Chronicle of Higher Education


Everybody’s Toy, Nobody’s Fool

The text and photographs by Jackie Brenner, a photographer, are from the book Friday Night Grind: Bourbon Street, New Orleans, Distributed by the University of New Mexico Press for Fresco Fine Arts Publications and Shine Media Group.

The market segment for the average reader of The Chronicle of Higher Education:

Voted for John Kerry

Doesn’t go to church

Loves Darwinism; hates Intelligent Design

Hates George Bush

Hates business/commerce/filthy lucre

Loves pictures of Nekked Women…

…I made up the last point.

However, this is what the professors in the academy are reading. Are you sure you want your daughters near these guys?


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Thank you (foot)notes:

Other favorite pictures articles from The Chronicle of Higher Education include

Painted Ladies, and

Butt of Jokes.

This week’s pictures are from the April 21, 2006 edition, page B3.

Whenever Your Business Blogger thinks of Bill Clinton, I think of censored.jpg


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