Rumsfeld and Charmaine



Secretary of Defense

Donald Rumsfeld and

Charmaine Yoest The Donald is smoothly working the room. A glittering event in Your Nation’s Capital some time ago.

“Go give Rummy a big smooch,” I tell Charmaine. “The Washington Post says he’s cuddly.”

So Charmaine gently elbows his wife aside and engages the (once youngest — now oldest) Secretary of Defense at close range.

She asks a thorny question.

He says, “I need to get my mind around this [and study the issue more].”

I stood in awe.

Whenever a Naval Aviator/Congressman/Presidential Chief of Staff/CEO/Cabinet Secretary defers to a — a blogger on the workings of Washington — this means only one thing:

Rumsfeld knows exactly what he’s doing.

The goal of going to war is victory; the preservation of our nation’s institutions. Donald Rumsfeld is making the military transform to meet new threats.

The business market, financial institutions do not like change. The military does not like change.

But the military must change with internal pressure, so our country’s institutions won’t be changed by external enemies.

So. Rumsfeld is charming. Not cuddly.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

This is an unpaid analysis.

Background info courtesy Rich Mullins,

Donald Rumsfeld has been many things:

Active Duty and Reserve Naval Officer

Congressional Staffer

Member of Congress (elected four times)

Assistant and then Counselor to President Nixon

Ambassador to NATO

Chief of Staff for President Ford

Secretary of Defense (Youngest ever)

CEO of G.D. Searle

CEO of General Instruments

Secretary of Defense (Oldest ever)

Here’s what Donald Rumsfeld has never been:



Sufferer of fools

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