Carolina Carvajal – Beauty is as Beauty Does!


They say that one of the things celebrities hate to hear is “Wow, you are much more beautiful/handsome/tall/whatever on camera than you are in real life. . . ” And in fact I remember being astonished when I once came across a shoot of Cheryl Tiegs in California at the height of her popularity and discovering that she was, well, fairly ordinary in person.

Carolina Carvajal is one of the other kind — even more beautiful in real life because she has such an inner beauty.

Carolina Carvajal

When I first met Carolina, I blurted out, “Wow, you’re so beautiful,” and then felt a little embarrassed when I subsequently discovered that she is a top model in Mexico.

Well, of course.

But back to the inner beauty. I was so pleased for my girls to get a chance to meet Carolina because she offers an example of a woman working hard to integrate her faith within an industry not well-known for purity and virtue. Her face peers down at visitors from towering billboards in Mexican cities, but she turns down modeling jobs that would require her to pose too provocatively. She asks herself, said her husband Luis who was translating for her, how could she go and teach Bible Study at church if she took those roles?

That’s true beauty.

Baby Boo Loved Carolina Too!


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