Center for Military Readiness Names New Vice President


As George Bush started to run for president, the story is told about Dick Cheney and his work to help find a Vice President. Numerous talented candidates were evaluated. But none were quite as good as…Dick Cheney.

(Cheney did this before. Dick Cheney says that he set up an exploratory committee for Lynn as she was looking for a husband.)

So I followed the Vice President’s example when Elaine Donnelly asked about hiring staff to help her at the Center for Military Readiness.

I volunteered to set up an exploratory committee and helped evaluate candidates. There were many outstanding contenders. Not-so-Secretly, I wanted the job.

And you can’t beat the Cheney model.


Jack Yoest Appointed Vice President

of the Center for Military Readiness


June 6, 2006

Contact: Elaine Donnelly (734/464-9430 ) or Jack Yoest (202/215-2434);


Elaine Donnelly, President of the Center for Military Readiness, is pleased to announce the appointment of John “Jack” Wesley Yoest, Jr., as Vice President of CMR.

Mr. Yoest will represent the Center for Military Readiness in the nation’s capital, and will work with Pentagon policy makers, legislators, and the media on wartime military personnel policies of concern to CMR. He will also be involved in research and production of CMR Policy Analysis reports and publications, and will manage initiatives in development, marketing, and new media on the Internet.

Donnelly predicted that the expertise and vision that Yoest brings to the new position will heighten the organization’s presence and influence in Washington D.C., and further extend the organization’s reach into the ranks of active duty men and women worldwide. “Jack’s abilities as a writer, successful entrepreneur and business consultant, plus his military background, will help CMR to increase awareness of policy decisions that affect discipline, morale and readiness, especially in time of war.”

Mr. Yoest has started successful manufacturing and software businesses, advised non-profit CEOs on fundraising and strategic direction, and has consulted with domestic and international companies in the fields of high technology, biotechnology and medical devices. He served as an Assistant Secretary for Health and Human Resources during the administration of Virginia Governor James Gilmore. He was Chief of Technology during the Secretariat’s Year 2000 (Y2K) conversion, and was a key advisor on the state’s website development and policy construction for electronic commerce (e-business).

Mr. Yoest earned an MBA from George Mason University and completed graduate work in the International Operations Management Program at Oxford University. A former Captain in the U. S. Army and son of a 30-year Navy submariner, Yoest served in combat arms and on the U.S. Armor and Engineer Board, which directed research and conducted testing with night vision and electro-optics.

His articles on business, military, and social/cultural subjects have been published in National Review Online, The Women’s Quarterly, and Small Business Trends, and syndicated by the Scripps-Howard News Service. Yoest resides in the Washington D.C. area with his five children and wife Charmaine, who is Vice President for Communications at the Family Research Council.

The Center for Military Readiness is an independent, non-partisan public policy organization, founded in 1993, which specializes in military personnel issues.

Center for Military Readiness P.O. Box 51600 Livonia, Michigan 48151

Phone: (734) 464-9430



The press release was picked up by The Washington Times.


Mudville has Open Post.


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  1. Curt says:


    Congrats! I’m sure your skills and experience will be well employed in the think tank.