Automotive Body Work, A Frugal Solution


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The Dude masking The monster SUV suffered an altercation resulting in just-below-deductible damage.

Where some would regrettably spend $500 on the repair, Your cheap Business Blogger saw a learning experience. For the Dude.


The Dude prime time I read somewhere, that A grandfather is one who let’s you hold the screwdriver. Something about a father’s impatience. And a grandfather’s wisdom.

In my life’s goal to grow-up to be a wise old man, I’m letting The Dude turn the wrenches rather than wait for my children’s childrens’ turn.


The Dude, Paint it Black


Finishing the finish

So The Dude learns a car-guy life skill. I save some money.

And we are both the richer.


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1 Response

  1. Mike says:

    Looks like The Dude did a great job!