Frugal Car Maintenance; Management by Your Business Blogger



Nearing the half million mark Your Business Blogger has two bar bets that I always win:

1) I’ve been fired from more jobs than you, and

2) I’ve got more miles than you. On my car, that is.

And the key to longevity is routine maintenance. And the key to maintenance is a competent mechanic.


The Dude pulling maintenance I’ve retained The Dude for the basics. And sometimes more.

He works well with little management supervision.

Call for rates.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

Full Disclosure: The Dude is eleven and employment could run afoul of labor laws in your state. Check local listings before asking for a quote.

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1 Response

  1. I know an old Mercedes Speedo when I see one —

    My 1982 380 SEC had well over 200k when the tranny started to slip — we sold it (cheap!) to a friend of the family who fixed the tranny, and put another 150k on her.

    I took that car to Richmon VA from NYC 2X — it just hunkered down and drove — great set of wheels . . .