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Lipsticking WriterIf it’s not core

Ship it off-shore.

A big challenge for business is to determine what’s core. And what’s critical.

Paying the rent is critical. But it’s not core to your business.

Paying accounts payable; collecting receivables is critical. But not core.

Writing a company blog is critical. Unless your business is blogging, blogging is not core.

If a task is not core, consider outsourcing. An outsourced professional writer can blog faster, better, cheaper than most small business owners.

Consider Yvonne DiVita. To check out her writing samples visit her blogs at:






Good stuff.

Alert Readers will remember that Your Business Blogger has had a number of gigs as a ghost writer for a Presidential Candidate. Writing to women, with the woman’s touch, is much better when done by a woman.

If you’re looking for a writer with a woman’s perspective, go Yvonne.


BlogHer Conference Or watch her in action. She’ll be speaking at Blogher — with another of my favorite woman writers, Anita Campbell — my editrix at Small Business Trends.

Blogs should be a part of your marketing. Get Yvonne to help.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

Full Disclosure: Yvonne interviewed Your Business Blogger and Charmaine for her 11 May issue.

Your Business Blogger has interests in a number off-shore outsourcing companies.

This is an unpaid (powder) puff piece.


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