Navy Combat Action Ribbon; Girls Get Them Too



The Navy’s



RibbonGirls used to wear ribbons in their hair. Now girls wear them on their chests. Left breast, to be exact.

Bill Gertz is reporting today in The Washington Times that the Navy is expanding the award criteria for the Combat Action Ribbon to include IED’s.

A Marine officer said to Gertz,

Your don’t have to return fire to win a combat action ribbon.

“Direct Exposure” is now in the same category as “Direct Fire.”


The Army’s

Combat Action Badge

1st AwardWhich is as it should be. But this will now mean that women will be eligible — the CAR is the Navy’s equivalent to the Army’s Combat Action Badge. Which is now being awarded to women.

With which I would also agree. Except.

Except this is more of the Pentagon’s incremental change where we continue to see ‘women’ and ‘combat’ in the same phrase.

So what’s all the fuss about women getting combat decorations?

The truth is that women shouldn’t be deliberately subject to any hostile fire, direct, in-direct, mines, or improvised.

Women are being placed at “the tip of the spear.”

While men abed in America

Hold their manhood cheap…

We few, we happy few,

We band of…siblings.


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1 Response

  1. You Dont win the CAR says:

    You don’t win the CAR it is awarded to you if you in contact with fire. IED’s may soon be included.