Judge Janet T. Neff: Personnel is Policy or Garbage In — Garbage Out



Feminist Janet Neff Michigan Senator Carl Levin (D) has got a deal with Harriet Miers to appoint Judge Janet T. Neff, a liberal member of the Michigan Court of Appeals, to the U.S. District Court (Western District).

Which proves conclusively that Miers was never a conservative. Miers, a Bush appointee, almost made it to the Supreme Court.

On September 21, 2002, Janet Neff sprinkled fairy dust over a commitment ceremony for lesbians Karen Debra Adelman and Mary Catherine Curtin and their pet pussy cat named Boots…

…I made up the Boots part. I think.

Ronald Reagan said that Personnel is Policy.

Tech guys say Garbage in; Garbage out.

We can all say this Personnel Policy is Garbage.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

No, homosexuals should not get married. But should a business hire a homosexual? Yes, and here’s why.

For more see FRC’s Judicial Activism and the Threat to the Constitution


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  1. Jennifer Sporer says:

    Thanks, I’m definitely voting for Neff tomorrow.