FRC Action Briefing September 2006


FRC Action, the c4 component of The Family Research Council sponsored a briefing this weekend at the Omni Shoreham in Washington, DC. This is a cross post authored by Jack Yoest. Photo credits: Jack Yoest


Charmaine at the podium for the FRCAction Briefing


The 2,000 attendees at The Briefing


Radio Row


La Shawn Barber, Joe Carter and Jared Bridges


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Cross post from Jack Yoest and FRC: Family, Faith and Freedom

Be sure to visit La Shawn and get her take on the event.


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2 Responses

  1. Much as I dislike the FRC, I must admit – they know how to run a conference and play politics.

  2. Montepellier says:

    Heya Charmaine,

    Here’s a little shout-out from C’ville – I’m sure you feel the love.

    You were good enough to write about the dangers of online predators when it was Doyle from Homeland Security – that was pretty brave going after a member of the team! Are you going to call for Foley to be burned at the stake and start exposing and smearing everyone that worked with this hypcritical homosexual predator?

    We down in the ‘ville anxiously await your vigorous action on an issue out of which you’ve virtually made a career.

    Or maybe Mr. Mom is ready to apply some of that ‘military precision’ to reveal the extent of the coverup in the leadership. I’m sure the fine offices of the FRC can assist him…heck, they probably already have lots of background dirt.

    Sorry to post this under the comments section – it’s clearly not on topic to the FRC conference post – but I can’t find a “contact Charmaine” link, so…feel free to repond to my email address submitted with this comment – it works.