Charmaine Debates on the Foley Homosexual Behavior Against the Human Rights Council



Charmaine Yoest, Ph.D. right,

debating on MSNBC

on the fear of the “gay bashing” label Charmaine was recently debating a gentleman from the Human Rights Council on the impact of Congressman Foley’s predator homosexual pedophile communication with a boy page.

View the video altercation here.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

Homosexuals are becoming violent. The following is from Focus on the Family,

Colorado Springs Family Exercises Free Speech Rights, Target of Homosexual Hate Crimes

The video tape evidence is clear. A man is clearly seen starting a fire on the front lawn of the Sewall family in response to a yard sign supporting traditional marriage and opposing a homosexual domestic partnership issue on the November ballot.

A note was left which said in part, “You are no better than a terrorist because you displayed that sign…the purpose of this document is to inform not you, but all who share your anti-gay or any other discriminatory beliefs, your world is about to change . . . so take warning! Your life, your government and the world as you know it is about to change. You are either with us or against us!”

Colorado Springs police are calling these outrageous acts a hate crime. When the story was posted, bloggers immediately questioned whether or not homosexuals could really be this intolerant.

Someone answered by citing the spitting, leaving of feces on the steps of churches, interrupting worship services, and the throwing of blood by Act Up as some of the examples of enraged homosexuals, not to mention the invective and job-termination techniques waged against Christians.


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  1. Excellent debate, and what I found the most interesting was the gentleman got his feathers ruffled and seemed angry when Charmaine made an extremely valid and true point. Great job! 🙂

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